Welcome to the Friends School 2019 Summer Program!  We are so excited to be offering camps again this year and can’t wait to kick off a spectacular summer.


Our camps will be offered from 8:30-1:30 for 9 weeks of the summer.  The camps will begin on Tuesday, May 28 and end Friday, July 26.  The children will eat lunch (provided by you), but will not have naps here during these hours.  We plan to keep the kiddos quite busy and hopefully tire them out so that when you pick them up at 1:30, they will be ready for some down time at home!  


We are going to accept children from ages 1 to 8.  We are asking that any one-year-old children coming to camp should be walking by March 1, 2019.  We do so much activity outside and really need kids to be mobile.  We plan to divide them up into smaller groups to facilitate age-appropriate crafts, activities and play.  Just like last year, we will ask that if you are not using 5 days a week that you use the same days each week for at least 4 weeks. This enables us to more effectively handle staffing needs.  Additionally, we know that summer schedules can be difficult to nail down, but we are asking that you let us know if your child will be attending at least one full week in advance of the day (based on availability).  If we don’t have that notice, the days will be considered drop-in days.


We have added some new themes and kept some of our favorites from years past.  Check out the great things your kids could be doing with us! If you have any questions, please email me, Linda Kempf, at  You can also contact the office at Friends School at 899-1822.  Feel free to scan and email your sign-up forms to me or bring them by the school office.  We will be billing prior to the first due date of May 20 and, at that time, you can either drop payment by or mail it to Friends School at 901 Breckinridge Lane, 40207.


Thanks so much and looking forward to some great summer fun with your kids!



Linda Kempf, Program Coordinator

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