Shauna MacLeod

Shauna Macleod-Mighty Monkeys.jpg

What inspired you to become an educator, and what keeps you inspired?

I love working with children.  At a very young age I knew I wanted to be a teacher. The children inspire me to teach. They are amazing individuals with endless possibilities.

If you could summarize your teaching philosophy, what would it be?

My teaching philosophy is everyone deserves a chance. If you are quiet, loud, have learning challenges, etc, I will work hard to meet the needs of each of my students.

What skills do you feel are most important for your students to develop, to prepare them for life beyond Friends School?

The skills I feel are most important to prepare my students for beyond Friends School are: To take pride in their work and do the best that they can do. Be kind to others and embrace differences

Tell us about your hobbies and philanthropic interests?

I enjoy reading and spending time with my family and friends.