Nora Jones


What inspired you to become an educator, and what keeps you inspired?

When I came to this country some people asked me about teaching them Spanish. I enjoyed doing it. Then when my daughter was born I taught her Spanish from the beginning.


If you could summarize your teaching philosophy, what would it be?

I believe that the key element in teaching a foreign language is keeping the students motivated. I try to bring as much of my culture into the classroom as possible.


What skills do you feel are most important for your students to develop, to prepare them for life beyond Friends School?

It's very important for students to have good self-steam, so I encourage them to participate in class and I praise them often.


Tell us about your hobbies and philanthropic interests?

I like to read, do yoga, dancing, and study languages. For philanthropic interests I sponsor a child overseas to give her a better chance growing up; also several local charities.

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