Mary Cheatham

Mary Cheatham Kindergarten.jpg

What inspired you to become an educator, and what keeps you inspired?

As the oldest of four children, I feel I was born into the role of teacher. I was further inspired to teach by some amazing teachers throughout my academic career. They instilled in me a love for learning that I carry with me to this day. 

If you could summarize your teaching philosophy, what would it be?

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. I want my students to love coming to school each day. I believe each child has unique strengths, diverse prior language learning experiences, and ideal learning styles. My instruction must be differentiated to provide enough challenge and support for all children to build on successfully and to develop positive attitudes about learning. 

What skills do you feel are most important for your students to develop, to prepare them for life beyond Friends School?

I want children to be active learners and creative thinkers. I want them to learn to make good choices,  to work cooperatively, and to be kind and responsible. 

Tell us about your hobbies and philanthropic interests?

For me, life outside of the classroom revolves around my three children. I spend a lot of time shuttling them to practices and supporting them in the stands or auditorium. I also love to read and listen to music. Books and music feed my soul.