Jennie Perkins Mehling

Jennie Perkins Bearcubs.jpg

What inspired you to become an educator, and what keeps you inspired?

I was inspired accidentally! I became a substitute teacher after my children started preschool. I loved the children, teachers, and parents so much, that I became a permanent teacher! My kids and teachers at the school

keep me inspired. They are always supportive and we love to throw out ideas on things that have worked, not worked, and ways to improve things.

If you could summarize your teaching philosophy, what would it be?

My teaching philosophy is "everything will be okay."  If you don't know the answer, it will be okay or if you miss your mommy, it will be okay. We are all here to love you and help you. 

What skills do you feel are most important for your students to develop, to prepare them for life beyond Friends School?

As a younger age preschool teacher, I am most interested in social development. We also work on gross and fine motor skills.

Tell us about your hobbies and philanthropic interests?

My hobbies include traveling with my 4 children and husband, swimming, and going to dance competitions, field hockey games, baseball games, soccer games, volleyball games, basketball games, swim meets, and dance recitals. I have recently been on the board of my sorority, on the Louisville City Panhellenic Board, Junior League of Louisville Board, current Girl Scout Troop Leader, PTA board member, Field Hockey Coach.