Casey Webster

Casey Webster Mighty Monkey's.jpg

What inspired you to become an educator, and what keeps you inspired?

I was inspired to become an educator because I enjoy teaching young children. Children are the biggest wealth of the future and by helping them learn I am helping shape the future. What keeps me inspired is thinking about what the children will do in the future with what they have learned today.  


If you could summarize your teaching philosophy, what would it be?

My teaching philosophy is to have high expectations because with high expectations the children strive to reach them and grow. It is like watching flowers grow taller reaching for the sky.  

What skills do you feel are most important for your students to develop, to prepare them for life beyond Friends School?

The skills that I feel are most important for my students to develop, to prepare them for life beyond Friends School would be social skills. Young children start to be more interested in playing with their peers and developing social skills. We encourage children to use their words and interact with each other. Understanding and using words, gestures, and expressions can allow children to form bonds and continue to grow and learn from each other. Social skills are skills everyone needs to develop to help prepare them for the world and their futures. 

Tell us about your hobbies and philanthropic interests?

I have a variety of hobbies and interests including volunteering and working outside of Friends School with children with special needs.